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August 31, 2010
Haggerstown, Leamington, and Indy Races

Haggerstown, MD (AMA Pro Race)

After doing well in York, Pa the weekend prior my family and I decided to give Haggerstown a try.  This would be my first Pro Race back since i got hurt at Lima.  It took some adjusting to tune the bike for this track it was a clay half mile and I never really rode one before.  I ended up qualifying 15th out of 44 riders and I felt very confident.   In the heat I soon learned that the track had changed and I needed to make some changes also.  I had to be in the top 7 positions to go directly to the main.  I was in the back and it took me a few laps to figure out what I had to do to get to the front.  Unfortunatly I neede an other lap and I finished 8th.  I had to go to a semi.  We made some changes went to the semi.  I had pole position, but I didn't get a good start and went backwards befor going forwards.  I finished 5th, not making it to the main.  My dad and dicused what could have been done to improve my ridig and the bike and I am sure i will be ready next year.

Leamington, Ont. (CMA Race)

This is a nice stone dust half mile one which I have done well in the past.  The weekend started with a lot of rain, to much rain and they postponed the race until Sunday.  Sunday I went out in practice to trysomething new, it worked in York so i wanted to try it here.  Neddles to say it didn't work here so i had to change my set up again.  I ran two classes the 450 Expert and Open Expert.  I only had my 2010 Yamaha 450 to run both classes and at this track frame bikes do well but i felt my bike would work pretty good. I got 2nd in the 450 heat and 6th in the Open heat. all day I had bad starts and the finals were no different.  The track was really wet especially in the Open final.  I ended up 8th in the 450 and 11th in the Open.

Indy Mile (AMA Pro Race)

Last weekend I went to Indy.  I couldn't wait to ride this track.  I only have ridden two diferent mile tracks, DeQuoin and Sprinfield.  The track was nice but a little tricky.  I had my best qualifing so far this year, qualifying 11th.  I finished 6the in my heat behide several of the top ranked Pros and this sent me directly to the main event. After some bike adjustments I was ready for the final.  I had a great start, (my dad and worked on strts all week after Leamington).  I rode mid pack most of the race and finished 11th.  Overall it was a good weekend.

Labor Day weekend I go back to Sprinfield, Ill to ride the Mile again and the short track.  This will be my first Pro short track.  Thanks to all my sponsors for all their help.



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August 3, 2010
York, PA Half Mile

This past week I got clearance from my doctors so off we went to York, Pa Half Mile to see what I could do.  It felt great getting back on the race track.  York is a stone dust half mile, my favorite.  I ran two classes the 450 stock fram and the 450expert.  

I won both heats putting me in great shape for the finals.  In the 450 Expert I got cut off at the start putting me back to to 9th and becuase the were running out of time they cut the laps from 8 to 4.  This didn't leave me much time to do something.  By the last lap I was right next to the forth place rider with only leading me by a few inches.  I finished fifth behind Corey Crawfor, Tim Eades, Ron Wood and Don Mullon. 

In the 450 stock frame final I was secon off the line, Corey Crawford fell and they had a restart.  In the restart I got the hole shot and tried to ride a smooth race and ended out ahead with a win. 

It looks like I am back in the saddle and will be racing all month,  This weekend I will be going to Haggerstown, MD with my first pro race back since the injury.  Then off to Leamington, Ont, The Indy Mile and finally Springfield, Il.

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