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May 31, 2011
Springfield Mile

Last weekend was the Springfield Mile in Springfield, Ill.  Saturday was the TT but it got rained out.  Sunday was cloudy and the track was very wet.  When the program finally started they decided to run the short program which means no semis.  There was no room for error today.  The track was rough and there were over 52 riders trying to be in the top 32 after the timed practices.  I qualified 16th which put me in the second row. The heat ran great and I finshed 4th.  In the  main I wanted front row but I was still in the second row.  I got a good start and was in 8th going into the first turn.  After a couple of laps the lead group of 5 riders pulled away.  I worked my way throught the group and was on my own trying to catch the lead pack.  After a few more laps I cought the lead pack.  By the white flag I was drafting for third, but in turn 3 I made a mistake and was back to 5th where I finished.  It was my best finish yet and i was vey excited.

Monday was the rain date for the TT.  My bike was running good but I struggled all day.  I picked up over two seconds in the practices but it wasn't enough to qualify.  I was diappointed but it was the first race of the year that I didn't qualify.

June 11th is a new half mile in Michigan and I am ready.

I want thank Ron Jewell at RLJ Engines and Jim at Dynothech for making my bike run great.  I also want to thank Steve Beattie at Twenty Six Suspension for all his help all weekend, And of course my dad for his help.


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