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June 30, 2011
Lima Ohio

Last weekend my family and I went to Lima, Ohio Half Mile.  I was excitted, I did well on test day.  I was in 11th after practice, but qualifying didn't go as well.  The track got a lot slower and rougher and I struggled.  I ended up qualifying 23rd.  I was diappointed because this is my favorite kind of track.  In my heat I stalled my bike on the line, but I got lucky they gave a complete restart.  On the restart I got a great start but as the race went on I could feel my rear shock getting spongey and could run the fast line.  I finished 6th qualifying me for the main event.  After talking with Steve Beatty of 26 Suspension we made some changes.  In the final I got a decent start and ran the high line and started going forward.  I got up to eighth and battled around 8th and 9th and 10th for a few laps.  I moved around trying different lines trying to find one to get me to the front.  Finally I stuck it under Mikey Martin and drove in real hard to get back 9th place.  I learned a lot about suspension set up which will help for Fredrick MD next weekend.

Next weekend there is a big race at Medina where there should be a lot of Pro riders and the off to Fredrick, MD Allstar Race on the 4th.

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June 30, 2011
Lima test and Hartford, MI

The last few weeks have been busy.  My father and I took a few days and went to Lima, Oh Media Day.  This was a great day to test the bike.  I got to dial in my suspension and gearing for the cushion half mile.  From there we went to Hartford, Mi a grooved half mile.  I haven't run many of these and was very excitted.  Practice went great and I was in 10th.  The tracked slowed down for qualifying and i got slower so I had to make some changes.  I ended up qualifying 14th.  In the heat I got bumped off the line and pused off the groove coming out of the first turn in 10th.  I new I had work to do.  I found a line that worked and got by some riders and finished 7th qualifying me for the main event.  In the main I got a good start but, I made some changes that just didn't work.  I couldn't get the pull to get by anyone.  I finished 12th and I learned a lot.

The next weekend was Medina.  The first Medina I tried something new that just didn't work so I went back to my old set up and did much better.  I also pulled out the old 250F and finished 2 getting me into the Grand Prix.  It was a pretty good day.  The 250 just wasn't enough for the 450s but I felt good and had a lot of fun.

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