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September 28, 2011
Knoxville, Iowa and Brainerd, MN

The past few weekends have been busy and I have been doing a lot of traveling with Dustin Say and James Rispoli.  First we went to Knowville, Iowa and it looked like a fast track.  In practice I was spinning coming out of the turns.  I dropped the pressure but then I started to hop out of the turns.  I tried a gearing change.  In the last qualifying session I kept coming into the turns to hard which pushed me up to the slippery top. The harder I tried the higher up the track I went.  I made the show but barely.  I qualified 30th.  I made some major changes and went out for my heat.  I had to start from the third row and I got a horrible start and the harder I tried to move forward the worse I ran.  About half way through I finally relaxed and started to move forward but not enough to get into the main I had to go to the semi with another third row start.  In the semi I got a good start but got pinched off and almost fell.  I pushed on real hard and worked my way up to 6th.  I neede to be in the top 4, I finally got the track figured out but ran out of laps, I finished fifth and didn't make the main.  

The next race we went to was in Brainerd, MN. . a third mile track.  Practice went great and I qualified 17th not as good as I wanted, I got held up in the last qualifing.  I pulled the first heat, it was cold there and I had my tire warmers on.  After opening ceremonies we got to test the track but it was very slick and they decided to do some more track prep.  When we finally got going I got a great start and was going good when we had a restart.  I didn't get as good of a restart this time but manage to work my was up to forth and in the main when i got a flat tire and couldn't finish.  Now I had to go to the semi and start from dead last on the third row.  I had a great running bike this week except for the tire, I just hoped I could get to forth to get to the main.  In the semi I got an awesome start and worked my way forward every lap.  I finally got to 5th when I got the white flag.  I one lap and had to move up oned position and about an 8 bike lead.  When I  went across the checker I was at his footpeg.  I finished 5th again and not good enough.  

I will not be at Calistoga, but I will be at Pomono for the last race of the year. 

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September 18, 2011
Springfield Race Report

Labor Day weekend was the second Springfield Mile for the year.  My parents and I made the long trip.  Day 1 was the short track and it was a small track.  I qualified for the first time, but I still struggled.  It was a slam fest in the tight little track.  I didn't transfer from my heat so I had to go to the semi.  The semi was filled with restart after restart and the bikes were getting hot. I was working my way up to the front when I got taken out and had to start on the back row and with all the restarts it was full.  By the restart my clutch was hot and I got a bad start.  I worked my way up to six but it wasn't good enough to get into the main.

Day2 was the Mile and I was ready.  First practice went great, the track was the fastest it has ever been and I was in 5th place.  I left the bike alone and I ended up 14th.  I made some changes and went out for my last qualifying session.  I ended up qualifying 11th finally I was in the front row.  Th eheat didn't go as well, my start was bad and I got brake checked in the last lap putting me in 8th, so again I had to go to the semi.  In the semi I got a better start I was out front most of the race with a battle with Michael Toon.  I won the semi and made the main , but this would give me a third row start.  I got another decent start in the main and was trying to work the outside.  I was in the back for the first few laps then i started working my way to the front.  The pack of 18 never broke into smaller groups and it was a little scary going four to five wide.  You had to be extra careful not to get sucked into the draft at the wrong time to prevent an accident.  By the end of the race I was in third and by the last lap I was leading down the back straight.  I wanted to get passed so that I could draft to the checkered.  But that didn't workbecause Cory Crawford crashed in turn three on the last lap.  I finished 6th and was lucky I didn't get collected in the crash where three other riders went down.

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