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Cody Johncox Professional Debut - 2010

September 19, 2012
Springfield Mile

After a long recovery from breaking my femur in March racing in Georgia, I'm back and strong as ever.  Last weekend I had my first Pro Singles win on the Springfield Mile.  After a crash near the end of the race, there was a five lap dash for the win.  In a single file restart sitting in 10th I made a run at the bottom and hoped someone would go with me to draft the the front.  Luckily Zak Palmer went with me and it was a photo finish with me ahead by 0.004 sec.  

I am planning on going to Tuson, Az on Oct 6 and finishing the season in Pomona, Ca. on Oct 13th. Hopefully there will be more good things to report.  

I want to thank everyone who has helped me and all my sponcers for all my success.

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